French press coffee makers brew some of the purest cups of coffee that you’ll ever taste

Tired of paying for expensive coffee capsules but love coffee? You’re in the right place


Bodum COLUMBIA Coffee Maker Review

Bodum Columbia French Press

Double wall, stainless steel French Press that keeps coffee hotter for up to 2hrs longer. The contemporary rounded design is streamlined, with a chic, modern aesthetic.  

How to brew a perfect cup of coffee

It's all about grind, water temperature, coffee ratio, blooming and steeping. One of the most popular methods is by using a French Press coffee machine

Bodum CHAMBORD Coffee & Tea Maker review

Bodum Chambord French Press

Perfect for preparing coffee for 2 to 3 people. Made from durable and high-quality borosilicate glass, we have a classic French press capable of withstanding high temperatures

Frieling French Press Coffee Maker

2-stage filter system to eliminate sediment gives this French Press a big advantage over other coffee plungers. With double-wall insulation, maximum heat retention means fresh, hotter coffee longer


Kona French Press Coffee maker review

Practical gift idea in either 1 cup or 8 cup sizes to suit a range of budgets. Eco friendly, BPA-free protective shell gives extra protection to borosilicate glass

Coffee Bean Grinding For French Press

Best Coffee Grind for French Press

When making a brew we aim for the perfect balance where taste and aroma are rich and vibrant. Acids are balanced out with base flavors and coffee tastes amazing.

How to Make Delicious French Press coffee

Brew one of the purest coffees, rich in flavor in under 5 minutes. Coffee bloom, how much coffee per cup, water temperature

How to Choose the Best

Brewing methods to prepare the perfect cup of coffee.There are plenty of options to choose from..

2 cup French Press machine

Water Temperature for Perfect Brew

Optimal temperature for extracting flavors from the coffee grounds is slightly below boiling point. When temperature is too high, bitter coffee

What is a French Press coffee Maker

French press technique is often referred to as Melior or Cafetiere. The coffee apparatus is low-tech. It’s a glass or stainless steel beaker with cylindrical shape  

History of the French Press

Sir Michael Cain starred in a movie called ‘The Ipcress File', a British spy thriller set in the 1960’s. In one scene, Michael Caine made a cup of coffee using the French press

coffee beans before grinding

What does 'Coffee Bloom' mean?

Carbon dioxide is slowly released after coffee is roasted which is a natural part of the roasting process. This is called de-gassing. Coffee bubbles up and ground fise  

Did you know

Coffee should brew between 195° and 200°F slightly below boiling point. At that temperature the coffee beans start to brew but won’t get scorched, or burnt.


Boiling temperature for water is 212°F or 100°C at sea level and is considered standard. However temperature varies depending on where you are in the world.


Water boiling point is lower at higher altitudes. For example Mt Everest, the highest altitude will have a lower boiling point due to lower air pressure. And the Dead Sea, at the lowest altitude, will have a boiling point that is higher.


The optimal temperature for drinking coffee is 180°. Taste buds can taste coffee at that temperature. You’ll savor more flavor as the coffee cools.

When you’re looking to bring true, bolder, and fuller flavor to every cup of coffee you drink, we’ll help you find the best french press coffee makers available right now.

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