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This health conscious, vegetable juice-loving mom also loves her coffee. I confess, coffee is how I start my day. It has to be a good cup. Satisfying and full-flavored to kick the day into gear.


But I also love coffee because it’s the ultimate upcycle.


Hi I’m LJ (Linnie-Jane) and thanks for joining me here at the coffeebrewinghub.

At home in my kitchen

Nature provides us with a daily tonic from the humble coffee bean tree

Nature is remarkable. The foods and variety we’re gifted never stop astounding me.


Food is a passion. I love cooking. I love experimenting with flavor and learning about ingredients and how they work together.


I’m fortunate to combine my passion with work. I have a keen interest in the health benefits of the incredible ingredients the earth provides and continue to study this science.


I research everything. That’s what I’m about. I like to know what’s best and what works best. And in my career, research has always played a large part.


Curiosity, teamed with a taste for the humble coffee bean has taken me down the rabbit hole to find out how to make the best coffee and what’s the secret to a top brew. And that’s what we’ll be sharing within these pages.

“After all, if I’m having coffee every day, I want it to be the best.”

I got tired of the ‘hit and miss’ approach to a good cup of coffee are started questioning the choices. “Do I need to pay $600 for a top coffee maker?” “Are coffee capsule machines the best?” “Do I really need to keep buying expensive capsules?” You might have had these questions too.


I’m guessing, you’ve tried plenty of coffee makers over the years. An espresso maker, the old drip filter coffee machine ‘hand me down’, and probably at least one coffee capsule machine tucked away in a corner.


You might still have a French Press hidden away from years ago that you’ve forgotten about. It’s probably made it’s way to the back of the cupboard. Now could be time to get it out and give it another chance. French Press is still one of the best options.


We’ve taken a look at coffee grinders, and also share the nuances of coffee bloom and steeping, ratios and water temperature in our post on brewing. We share secrets to brewing that perfect coffee.


And we’ve chosen to review products individually that have proven performance, reputation, or offer something unique to present to our readers. But don’t be mistaken – it’s not all roses. Where there are flaws, in our opinion, or things you should know, we’ll point them out. And we’ll continue to add our findings.


And when you’ve finished your coffee, start composting. We’ll show you how to turn used coffee into nutrient rich fertilizer.


Happy brewing! LJ

About me

The joy of the weekend

The chaos starts. We have 2 children, 11 and 14. Juggling, soccer matches and training with netball and swimming commitments comes with challenges. As all ‘soccer moms’ know. I’m not alone in the pandemonium that is our lives sometimes, most of the time, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


To start the weekend, my partner, Martin, and I kick back with coffee. Freshly brewed, delicious-smelling coffee. Springy-fresh croissants, usually with a home-made jam from my kumquat tree. And we linger as long as possible just taking time out. It’s our little ritual before the day gets going; even if just for a short time. Life is sweet, and calm.


Weekdays, that’s another story. Getting the family out the door, and myself organized for the day is an invitation to a new level of stress.


“I’ll take mine to go but make it a good brew”

Coffee time and the welcome interruption to take time to sit down myself, gather my thoughts ready to face whatever is thrown my way for the rest of the day.


What a gift it was when we moved to our new home and there was an already established small coffee tree with an abundance of coffee beans near our back door.


Thanks for joining us. Enjoy

Linnie-Jane is also a team-member, contributor, researcher and product reviewer for bettysbakeware.com. There you’ll find expertise, experience and research on everyday kitchen appliances and baking products.

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