Wolf Gourmet Coffee Maker Brews Top Quality, Consistently

The WGCM100s (Wolf gourmet coffee maker) is an automated gem that makes great-tasting coffee, and fast. When you pour your coffee you know it will be exactly the way you like it. And the second cup will be just as good. Yes, it’s more expensive than most drip filters, but you’re paying for technology and the precision ‘Sub-zero’ is renowned for.


WOLF GOURMET Programmable Coffee Maker System with 10 Cup Thermal Carafe, Built-In Grounds Scale, Removable Reservoir, Silver Knobs with Black Knob Accessories, Stainless Steel (WGCM120SR)


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    The problem with most drip filter coffee makers

    Coffee keeps brewing and becomes over-cooked.


    Although the ‘keep warm’ feature on most drip filters works and it does provide the convenience we love, coffee keeps cooking. This is why your second cup, or even the top up, never tastes as good as it should.


    If you’re wanting great tasting coffee until the carafe is empty, try a brew from the Wolf coffee maker.


    The difference is in the design. A double-walled thermal carafe instead of a ‘keep warm’ hot plate. Temperature is not compromised; coffee stays hot for up to 2 hours and the taste of the last cup was as fresh as when it was first brewed.


    And Wolf brews fast. It’s faster and the coffee is hotter than other drip filters. 10 cups brewed in 7 1/2 minutes. Not bad!

    This is what you are paying for


    This is a programmable setting to brew coffee to your preferred taste. There are 5 options from which to choose, ranging from mild to bold. Select the number of cups and strength.


    Why choose Accu-Brew?

    Because it’s an intuitive setting. The integrated scale calculates the water/grounds ratio. Select the number of cups, preferred flavor setting and coffee grounds are weighed as they are added.


    The LCD display indicates when to stop adding coffee saving the hassle of measuring by hand.


    The Wolf coffee maker does the measuring for you. And the coffee formula you like is saved to be repeated accurately.


    Paper filters

    The advantage of using paper filters is that bitter oils from the coffee grounds are trapped and filters also stop sediment finding it’s way into your cup.


    ‘No filter coffee makers’ or reusable permanent filter systems are becoming more common. But there is some research suggesting that if you drink more than 5 to 8 cups of coffee a day, there are benefits to using a cone paper filter, as the Wolf coffee machine does. You can read more on the article from Harvard.edu here.


    A starter pack of paper filters is included with product.


    Manual mode

    There is a choice to use either manual mode or Accu-Brew. The procedure for manual is the same as if using a traditional drip filter coffee maker.

    1. Fill reservoir with water for the desired number of cups. Levels are indicated on the water tank.
    2. Open filter drawer, add a paper filter and coffee grounds.
    3. Using the knobs, dial to adjust brew strength and choose number of cups. You’ll see the selection in the LCD panel and press ‘start’.
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    What’s different to other coffee makers


    When coffee is ready a timer starts which is visible on the screen. You can see how long it has been since the coffee was brewed.


    Integrated charcoal water filter

    Place the activated charcoal filter into the filter system. This removes chemicals and improves water purity.


    Filter should be replaced after approximately 30 brew cycles. (Coffee maker comes with pack of 3 water filters)


    Preschedule brew time

    And just to make things even easier, wake up to the smell of coffee. Using the ‘Prog’ button, select settings preferences and time you want the brew ready. Fill water tank and coffee filter. Coffee will be brewed, ready to go when you want it.


    (Note: Check the clock on the coffee machine is accurate so your brew start time will be correct.)

    Wolf Gourmet Programmable Coffee Maker System with 10 Cup Thermal Carafe, Built-In Grounds Scale, Removable Reservoir, Red Knob, Stainless Steel (WGCM100S)

    Other Impressive extras

    Always use filtered water to make coffee. Wolf has an integrated filter system.

    8 Reasons we like it

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    Cup Capacity

    Carafe has a 10 cup capacity which is 50 oz or 1.5 liters. It’s important to note that these are 10 small cups.


    How to clean the Wolf coffee maker

    • Switch off machine and allow to cool.
    • Wipe over stainless steel unit with a soft cloth. 
    • The filter basket can go in to the dishwasher but everything else should be hand-washed.
    • When necessary, use a non-abrasive stainless steel cleaner with a soft cloth.

    Wolf Gourmet Programmable Coffee Maker System with 10 Cup Thermal Carafe, Built-In Grounds Scale, Removable Reservoir, Red Knob, Stainless Steel (WGCM100S)

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    What you should know

    About Wolf

    Wolf coffee makers are manufactured by ‘Sub-Zero’. This is a 3rd generation, family owned company that backs their product with a 5 year manufacturer warranty. The prestige and high regard these products are held in is well deserved.

    What we think

    Given the exceptional taste of the coffee brewed, the solid construction, and 5 year warranty, this is a solid long-term investment. Of course you can buy a filter coffee machine much cheaper, but with the Wolf WGCM100s you’re buying an outstanding coffee maker from a manufacturer with an enviable reputation for outstanding kitchen products.

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