Bodum COLUMBIA French Press Coffee Maker Review

From Bodum’s Swiss headquarters we have the Columbia insulated french press coffee maker in stainless steel. A minimalist cylindrical shape with double wall stainless steel design steps up the functionality of this French Press.


Just like other Coffee Press machines, it brews remarkably rich coffee in just 4 minutes. The point of difference is the extra hours it keeps your plunged coffee hot.


sizes of bodum Columbia 17 oz, 34 oz, 51 oz
sleek, stylish design
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    Why choose Bodum Columbia?

    About the product

    Bodum’s sophisticated design not only looks good, but delivers full-flavored coffee that stays hotter for longer. In fact, up to 2 hours longer due to the insulating effects of double-walled, stainless-steel construction.


    French Press sizes

    • 3 cup 12 oz (.35 litre)
    • 4 cup 17 oz (.5 litre)
    • 8 cup 34 oz (1 litre)
    • 12 cup 51 oz (1.5 litre)

    (Bodum uses an assumption that 1 cup = 4 oz)


    The design has a strong, stainless steel aesthetic and just like other French Press machines, coffee is prepared in just 4 minutes.


    A comfortable, easy-grip handle makes it easy to pour and carry. Transfer the coffee pot to the table easily to serve guests … and their top-up will still be hot.


    This is a benefit worth noting if you regularly have guests over or host dinner parties.  (If you’ve been the recipient of a lukewarm top-up yourself, you’ll appreciate this.)


    The safety lid prevents liquid spillage.


    It has a silicone and mesh plunger with a 3-part filter to infuse maximum flavor and reduce sediment residue.


    The product belongs to the Columbia collection by Bodum and boosts BPA free components.


    Stainless steel is finished in sleek chrome to fit stylishly with modern kitchen and  living décor. The metal body is corrosion resistant.


    Lid and the pot are dishwasher safe.


    Each model passes a premium quality check to deliver flawless and safe performance.


    More details! Click here


    This manufacturer video featuring the Bodum Columbia shows how to prepare a delicious cup of french press coffee.

    How to make Plunger coffee

    The process is the same for all French Press coffee makers.

    1. Place the coffee press on a firm service and hold handle firmly. Pull plunger up and out of carafe.
    2. Add 1 rounded tablespoon or scoop of coarsely ground coffee for each cup you are preparing. (Assumption is 1 cup = 4 oz water) Quantity will vary on taste preference.
    3. Add hot water to the carafe leaving at least 1 inch or 2.5cm from the top.  (Hot water should be between 92° and 96°c). Stir (with a wooden or plastic spoon)
    4. Place plunger on top and turn lid (so that the spout is closed). This retains heat.
    5. Leave to brew for 4 minutes. Hold handle and slowly lower the plunger.
    6. Turn lid to open spout, pour and enjoy

    The system is time-saving and efficient. But don’t for a moment think flavor is compromised by speed of the process. It’s not. The result is full-flavored coffee.


    And when you find the perfect coffee formula, or recipe, for your taste, it’s repeatable. So you get your perfect cup of coffee every time.


    What's included in the purchase of Columbia French Press


    How do I clean Bodum Columbia French Press?

    Although all parts are dishwasher safe, they can be hand washed in warm, soapy water. Filters can be soaked and rinsed under running water.

    No complicated assembly or cleaning. A clean, minimal design means there are not too many parts to clean.

    Does my coffee become bitter when kept warm?

    Bodum claims it’s Columbia model preserves the coffee and retains temperature for up to 2 hours. Tried and tested, it doesn’t make your coffee bitter like other conventional coffee presses that do little to retain the freshness of your coffee.


    What others are saying

    Widely used by thousands of customers, it’s a popular choice and delivers what’s promised.


    “…the cylindrical, rounded shape of the Columbia French Press gives it a compact and stylish look.”


    Customers who bought the Bodum Columbia coffee press love the elegant design and sophisticated use of technology.


    Columbia coffee press sizes and accessories in the bodum range

    Check price

    Buying Advice

    If you’re wanting premium brew taste from a product that will keep your coffee hotter for longer, this is it. Bodum’s Colombia French Press delivers all this in an elegant, stylish design.


    It enjoys good reviews on Amazon where thousands of users give it a 5 star rating. 81% in fact, at time of writing.


    Product can be purchased from Amazon at an excellent price with free shipping.

    In our opinion

    This is a chic French Press that brews fine-quality coffee. The product delivers on performance keeping coffee hotter for longer.


    The ideal coffee press to linger over a leisurely brunch with coffee top-ups. What’s not to love about that!


    Check price and reviews on Amazon

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