Grosche French Press

Grosche offers a coffee maker that’s a little different in style, a modern art deco twist on the classic Bodum.


It may be a relatively new company but its quality coffee makers allow the Grosche brand to stand tall alongside other companies that have been around for decades.

GROSCHE Madrid French Press

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    Why choose Grosche Madrid French Press

    About the product

    The quality and design of the German-made borosilicate glass beaker is a standout feature. It’s high grade and is thicker and stronger than many other brands and with a slimmer tapered spout design it pours well.


    The sturdy glass has surprisingly good heat retention to keep coffee piping hot without worrying about the glass shattering. And coffee stays hot for the 2nd .. and 3rd.


    The French Press looks just as comfortable being used as a loose leaf tea press. The design aesthetics suit this purpose.


    Borosilicate is the same type of glass preferred by other top brands like Pyrex, Bodum, Oxo and Mr coffee.


    Well-made construction with visual appeal aren’t the only good things about the Grosche Madrid French Press.


    It has a high-quality dual filtration system, so loose coffee grinds don’t end up floating around your coffee.


    French Press sizes

    • 1-3 cup – 350 ml – (11.8 fl oz)
    • 8 cups – 1000 ml – 34 fl oz
    • 12 cup – 1500 ml – 51 fl oz

    This is what you are paying for

    Customer Experience

    In comparison to other models it’s easy to clean. The fine lines of the one-piece handle and support structure are easy maintenance.

    Customers also like how the product pours.


    All that’s needed is to remove the parts, disassemble filter and rinse. The lid and glass carafe are easily cleaned using soapy water.


    Editor's Notes

    Always use coarsely ground coffee in a coffee press. Fine and medium blends can have a tendency to block holes in the filters and they don’t deliver on taste as a coarse blend.

    Caring for Grosche French Press

    The glass beaker is dishwasher safe, but should be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher.


    However, the very nature of any glass product makes it more vulnerable to being damaged while in a dishwasher. Scratches and chips can occur. We prefer hand washing to maintain the product.


    There are only a few components in the French Press so it’s easy to disassemble and wash.


    Remove the borosilicate glass beaker from the chrome housing support. Tap the bottom of the carafe gently to loosen coffee grounds. If any stubbornly refuse to budge, a wooden spoon or plastic spatula (not metal) will help to remove those stuck.


    If you have a compost bin – great!  Used coffee grounds are great for compost or to add to a worm farm. Otherwise dispose of in the bin – not down the sink.

    Separate components, lid, plunger – filter screens and discs and rinse all well. Use a soft cloth or nylon brush to remove coffee residue. A little soap can be used, but make sure you rinse well after cleaning to remove all traces of the soap.


    Baking soda can be used instead of soap for ‘hard to remove’ stains. Rinse well to make sure all traces of soap or baking soda are removed.


    Dry all parts thoroughly with a soft towel and reassemble filter screens and plunger.


    Good to know

    Replacement glass: If you do happen to have an accident, replacement glass beaker is readily available


    Last Thoughts

    For a standard brew

    1 tablespoon ground coffee to 8oz or water

    Heat water to approx 200°f/94°c

    pour over coffee grinds soaking all evenly for maximum flavor extraction


    replace lid – don’t plunge yet

    Wait 3 to 4 minutes for brew

    Gently press plunger down

    Replacement parts

    Unfortunately accidents do happen. But if it does,  replacements are available.


    is don’t recommend that. Best of all, with the GROSCHE Madrid French Press Coffee Maker, you get your money’s worth. The durable and sturdy model is likely to last for years, provided you take good care of the product.

    It’s worth remembering that since the carafe is made using glass, customers must take plenty of care in handling the carafe to prevent breakage.

    For more information about these products, don’t forget to check out their product reviews online. You will find plenty of Amazon reviews that will help you make the right purchase.

    What we Like

    We love the story behind the brand. The ‘Safe Water Project’ is an initiative by Grosche with a mission to provide children and families around the world with safe drinking water. Products sold raise money to fund this project. In fact Grosche boasts that for each product sold, remarkably, access is provided to 50+ days of safe drinking water for people in need. Communities that benefits include Philippines, Malawi, Uganda, India, South Sudan and Pakistan.


    It’s important to also note that that factories used in the manufacture of the products are verified for social and environmental compliance. 


    So if quality and style aren’t enough, the ‘community conscious’ brand working to benefit people in crisis around the world gets our vote as a top product.


    Oh, and we love the spout too. It looks good and pours well without dripping.

    About Grosch

    The products are designed in Canada. Factories used for manufacturing are in Asia, including Taiwan and China which are audited for compliance to strict environmental and social standards.


    From humble beginnings in 2006, a premium coffee maker was born.

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